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Monday 11th June

Ghostface Killah

Ticket: £22.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7:00PM
Age: 14+

At 26, Ghostface Killah demolished the boundaries of linear narrative to expand the range of confessional rhyming. While combining contrary perspectives and abandoning similes for sharp unpredictable symbolism, Ghostface broke every rule of rap. Free to pursue the metaphysical pathways Ghostface cleared on Ironman; MCs finally had a blueprint for contemplating the complicated variations of self, to achieve an undefined elevation.

Rarely, if ever, did a rapper on the international stage confront the machismo, egocentrism and self-denial within, like Ghostface did. He was the first to truly address indestructible egomania, the venerable psychological state and the immovable spiritual position of the gods and earths, on wax. In doing so, like all great mythical journeys wherein a catharsis is achieved by the end of the album, Ironman set the bar for a new rap renaissance.

Back with New Material and a new focus this is a rare chance to catch this Legend live in the UK