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Live Events

Sunday 2nd October

Ugly Kid Joe

Delighted to announce that Ugly Kid Joe are heading to Riverside Newcastle following the release of their first full length album in 19 years heading out on an extensive tour of the UK!

Tickets on sale now!

Ticket: £17.50 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30
Age: 14+

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Monday 3rd October

Blossoms – SOLD OUT

Blossoms are BACK at Riverside Newcastle once more playing exactly one year since their last show and what a year it has been for the boys! The huge success of Charlemagne and multiple tours and festivals around the world leading up to the next show!

Their last show was brilliant (sadly the in-house photographer was sick, this time we are getting photos) and we can’t wait for this one! Support comes from Declan Mckenna who is a brilliant rising talent and Cabbage who also are on the up!

Tickets are SOLD OUT

Ticket: £14 Buy Now
Doors: 19:00pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 15th October


Kano is heading to Riverside on Saturday the 15th of October

Since this tour has been announced the hype for the Newcastle show has been crazy and we expect this to sell ridiculous quick!

Tickets on sale at 9am on Wednesday the 20th of July

Ticket: £17.50 Buy Now
Doors: 18:00
Age: 16+

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Thursday 20th October


SSD Concerts and Portions for Foxes Present GOAT!!

We’re pleased to announce we’ve brought Sweden’s most incredible, indescribable contemporary musical export; psych-rock fusion pioneers GOAT to RIVERSIDE, as part of a co promotion with Newcastle Gigs (Portions For Foxes Promotions)

Praise for Goat:
‘Swedens hardest rocking ritualist ruminants’ – MOJO ****

‘Brilliant and intoxicating’ Uncut 8/10

‘You get the feeling that Goat could just keep this sinuous groove going forever’ Guardian 8/10

‘Goat are making true, sludged up psychedelia that seems to come from a new, specially cultivated brain-lobe’ DIY mag

Myriad magical traditions and exemplary musicianship are boiled up in a big vat, like a transcendental potion’ Clash

Sweden’s enigmatic rock outfit GOAT may qualify as the greatest modern pop-culture mystery. Who are these masked musicians? Are they truly members of a remote tribe in the Arctic community of Korpilombolo? Are their songs actually a part of their communal heritage, passed down through generations in their isolated homeland? Their third studio full-length, Requiem, offers more questions than answers, but much like any of Thomas Pynchon’s knotty yarns, the reward is not in the untangling but in the journey through the labyrinth.

Western exports may have dominated the consciousness of international rock fans for the entirety of the 20th century, but our increasing global awareness has unearthed a treasure trove of transcendental grooves and spellbinding riffage from exotic and remote corners of the planet. GOAT’s previous albums World Music and Commune were perfect testaments to this heightened awareness, with Silk Road psychedelia, desert blues, and Third World pop all serving as governing forces within the band’s sound. But GOAT’s strange amalgam isn’t some cheap game of cultural appropriation—it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact origins of the elusive group’s sound. Whether or not the enigmatic collective truly claims Korpilombolo as their home, the fact that they pledge allegiance to a spot on the periphery of our maps—a spot so distant and off the grid that it feels fictitious—bolsters the nomadic quality of their sonic explorations. With Requiem, GOAT continue to rock and writhe to a beat beholden to no nation, no state.

Ticket: £15 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30
Age: 14+

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Friday 28th October

Matt Berry & The Maypoles

They are back, after last December’s fantastic performance Matt Berry and the Maypoles are heading back to Riverside Newcastle once more!

Witty, theatrical and musically spellbinding; Berry’s live shows are always an invigorating journey. Tripping into a world that’s both beautiful and surreal, this latest tour will see Berry deftly navigate an eclectic back catalogue – including tracks from albums Witchazel and Kill The Wolf, and recently reissued Opium. And then there’s the inevitable surprises, be that unique renditions of classic songs, freeform jam sessions, extra special guests, orchestral stage invasions … anything is possible in the world of Matt Berry.

“As a frontman, Berry is laconic but focused, and unstarrily generous”
Classic Rock Mag

“Mind blowing”
Music-news (on live show)

“Best gig we’ve been
to in a long time”

Landing at Riverside on Friday the 28th of October

Ticket: £18 Buy Now
Doors: 19:00
Age: 14

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Thursday 10th November


Manchester Cult Legends Audioweb are back and they are heading to Riverside Newcastle!!

The four piece are fresh off supporting The Stone Roses and are heading out on gigs and meaning business!

Audioweb crossed the acid-fueled, psychedelic sound of Madchester house with deep dub, dancehall and reggae influences, earning a sizable following in the UK during the late ’90s. Unlike many of their peers, they weren’t given strong support from the weekly music press, primarily because their music was considerably different from the prevelant Brit-pop and its many mutant genres. Nevertheless, the group earned a handful of influential supporters, including Ian Brown and U2, helping make its 1996 debut album Mother a hit.

Tickets on sale now!

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30
Age: 14+

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Tuesday 15th November

The Answer + The Dead Daisies

The Answer and The Dead Daisies are heading out on a European Tour this fall and are heading to Riverside Newcastle!

The Answer are back for round 2 at Riverside and it’s The Dead Daisies first time down on the Quayside, tickets are onsale from Friday the 14th at 10am

Doors: 19:30
Age: 14+

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Sunday 20th November


Soil are heading to Riverside Newcastle with support from Saliva and Sons of Texas

Formed in 1997 Chicago Heavy Rock band SOiL quickly took the scene by storm.. After their first independent release, the band was the first rock group signed by the legendary Clive Davis to J Records. The band achieved mainstream success with their major label debut “Scars” in 2001. SOiL is best known for the classic hits “Halo”, “Unreal”, and “Redefine”.

Tickets on sale now!

Ticket: £16.00 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30
Age: 14+

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Tuesday 22nd November

Black Grape

Alias Kid

The Happy Mondays fell apart in 1992, leaving most observers to assume that it was the end for Shaun Ryder, as he struggled to recover from his numerous drug addictions. No one could have ever predicted that three years later, a relatively fit and healthy Shaun would return to the top of the charts, with a new band.

Black Grape’s debut album, It’s Great When You’re Straight…Yeah, is a surreal, funky, profane, and perversely joyous album, overflowing with casual eclecticism and giddy humor. Ryder’s sound was reinvigorated, creating bizarre rhymes that tie together junk culture, drug lingo, literary references, and utter nonsense. One of Britain’s best wordsmiths Shaun Ryder’s lyrics have always been delightfully freewheeling, and full of multicolored imagery. Teaming up with Kermit (ex Ruthless Rap Assassins) he now had a rapper on board with equal skills to bounce off. Even better, the music has deep grooves and catchy pop hooks that come straight out of left field. From the blaring harmonica of the triumphant ‘Reverend Black Grape’ and the trippy sitars of ‘In the Name of the Father’ to the seedy, rolling ‘Shake Your Money’ and the stinging guitars of ‘Tramazi Parti.”

Black Grape has always been the simmering stalking horse, waiting in the wings, for a time to come back to life, and remind people of the huge commercial and musical celebration that it was. It’s time for the party to start again. 2016 sees the 21st anniversary of the release of It’s Great When Your Straight……Yeah Shaun Ryder is again back in the rehearsal studios with Kermit, about to unleash the mad carnival that disregards boundaries between rap, house, rock, soul, and pop and is Black Grape.

Ticket: £25 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30
Age: 14+

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Friday 25th November


Delighted to welcome TOY to Riverside Newcastle.

The Indie Rockers from Brighton are bringing a fantastic live performance to Riverside this November

Tickets on sale now!!

Ticket: £11 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30
Age: 14+

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Monday 19th December

Every Time I Die

Buffalo’s own Every Time I Die return to Newcastle to lay waste to Riverside for round 2! Expect a high octane carnival of carnage led by Keith and the boys.

Their musical style is rooted in technical hardcore punk with strong Southern rock and mathcore elements, and is also characterised by their literary, bitingly sarcastic lyrics. They have also garnered critical and fan acclaim for their high energy, intense live shows.

Bringing hits such as Wanderlust and “Decayin With The Boys” and the new album Low Teens which is dropping on the 23rd September to our stage this December!

Ticket: £15 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30
Age: 14+

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Tuesday 14th February

Modern Baseball

Portions For Foxes presents:

+ Thin Lips, Superweaks
@ Newcastle Riverside
14th February 2017
Tickets available on Tuesday 30th August via Seetickets, Wegottickets

“A powerhouse songwriting duo” – NPR
“A wealth of infectious songs that are both sharply observed and sharply written” – Pitchfork
“A truly brilliant full-length” – DIY (on Holy Ghost)

Testament to the immense connection shared between the band and their fans, Philadelphia’s Modern Baseball can today announce news of their largest European tour to date, a 2017 run that will see them take in pretty much every corner of the mainland through the end of January into February, culminating in their biggest non-US headline show at London’s legendary O2 Forum.

Ticket: £14.00 Buy Now
Doors: 19:00
Age: 14+

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